Our Apostle

Apostle Marty R. Strickland, Senior Pastor of Deliverance Life Christian Center in Monroe, Georgia, is an anointed preacher and teacher whose vision for God's people enables him to build bridges and reach across denominations, generations, gender, race, culture and ethnicity, changing lives and rebuilding communities. 


Apostle Strickland from his youth displayed the call on his life as he would preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to his other siblings. This would be the beginning of his ministry, which now has touched lives all over the world. 

He was licensed to preach in 1992 at the age of 24. His developmental years in ministry were spent in Carrollton, Georgia, where he was yoked together with the late Bishop Benny G. Isom who helped shape him into the minister he is today.


Deliverance Life Christian Center was founded June 6, 2001. Apostle Strickland shares the pastorate with his wife, Panetha Strickland. The spiritual attributes that best define the Deliverance Life Christian Center experience are the sound Biblical teaching and its intimate praise and worship. Apostle Strickland is a shepherd and teacher with a powerful prophetic anointing. Apostle Strickland is the founder and Cheilf Apostle of Apostolic Deliverance Fellowship founded in 2017 now which is globle.


Apostle Strickland is married to Pastor Panetha Strickland and they are the proud parents of Four children, Israel , Stefan , Dominique  and Aiyana. Apostle Strickland is a man on a mission. He is uniquely articulate and anointed to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is holistic and powerful. Through this awesome man of God, lives will be enriched by the word of God as he imparts life to the Body of Christ.  


Hope for Deliverance Life Christian Center

Apostle hopes for Deliverance Life Christian Center is that we would grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and that we would walk faithfully, worship truly, love deeply, and proclaim the gospel fearlessly.


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